You Got Questions? I Have Answers!

How does it work?
BoHo Imports strives to get you those one-of-a-kind shoes you are looking for, but inventory is limited! This is definitely "slow fashion" at its finest, so patience is practiced to get those handmade shoes here and on your feet! 
    How long does a Pre-Order Item take?
    All the shoes are handmade with love, so the process takes about a month to be made, and then a couple weeks to get shipped. See a shoe you like but not your size? Contact me with what you are looking for and we will make sure to do our best to get it personally made for you!
    What is a Special Order Item?
    A Special Order is an item where you contact me directly with your details and I will personally find that one-of-a-kind item you are looking for! During my travels, I will be on the hunt looking for the best match of that specific, special, curated piece just for you!
    Where are my items coming from?
    Currently, the bohemian selections are made in Mexico and India. The product from Mexico is typically hand crafted so please note that you may find “markings” from this process. Rest assured, it does not take away from them being well made products and the imperfections simply add to their artisan character
      How long does it take to ship?
      Items already in stock will be shipped out quickly. And again, a shoe pre-ordered will be a longer process being that it takes time for it to be processed, handmade, and shipped across the border.
        Do the make half-sizes?
        Huaraches do not come in half sizes, but there is a suggested Pro-Tip! My general rule of thumb is that if you have a wider foot, you size up. If your foot is more narrow, you size down.
        Are the shoes true to size?
        The shoes do run true to size...for the most part. Again, these shoes are handmade so each are truly all unique- just like our feet! However, each pair will have a detailed description on how they specifically fit.
        Do you accept returns?
        Yes! Not being able to try shoes on in person can be difficult. But don't worry, Cinderella, we will do our best to take the return and get you into the perfect size. Please note there is a 14-day return policy from when the product has been received. 
        Do you have any PRO-TIPS??
        Glad you asked!!
        1.) IT'S LEATHER. There will be irregularities which is a natural feature of working with this high quality material and only adds to the character of each individual hand-crafted, artisanal piece. 
        2.) It is good to keep in mind that leather stretches! For example, a huarache may be snug at first but once worn in, it will open up, and mold around your feet.
        3.) Don’t hesitate to reach out! I am dedicated to bring artisan goods to your doorstep, no matter how big or small.
        Have additional questions? Please feel free to contact me directly.