A BoHo Story

A lifetime traveler, turned import business owner.

I am a discoverer, not a vendor, using my passion for all things artisan to integrate the beautiful cultures around us.

My small business creates opportunity for authentic style to add flair to our everyday lives, as well as support other small businesses around the world.

BoHo Imports was created to discover hidden artisans gems and make them obtainable! It brings handmade craftmanship to your doorstep. Each and every item is specially curated from other small businesses, which in turn supports that which is most important. Local, family trades that are passed down generation after generation. Beautiful, unique, and hopefully not forgotten.

It started with one pair of shoes. I loved my handmade huaraches so much that I thought others might enjoy them just as well! As the business grew, so did the inspiration. I am continually impressed by the hard work and talent poured into all the artisan craft that is not only sustainable, but also will hopefully be carried on. I am not reinventing the wheel but rather shining a spotlight on what can truly be accomplished by our own two hands, as was done centuries before us.

It's fun. It's creative. And it should be shared across the world as an opportunity to shine light on what other cultures have to offer! Quality craft with a face. A soul. A contagious smile. A small business supporting another small business, which in turn supports a global economy.