An Invitation to Color

Sayulita, Mexico

Well, who doesn’t love traveling and shopping? They go hand in hand. Whether it’s goods for yourself that you can’t wait to show off back home or gifts for loved ones. A lot of times when we are exploring abroad we keep a keen eye out for the perfect item that can’t be left behind- to remind us of that special place we visited or to adorn whatever it was that had been without until that trip.

I have travelled my entire life and the excitement never gets old. Planes, trains, and automobiles isn’t just a stressful 80’s comedy, it has always been a way of life for me. I learned to embrace the stress and humor that easily comes with traveling because it means I am in a foreign land, gaining foreign friends and experiences I will never forget. 
I can recall when I was a little girl, the Denver International Airport had just opened. I wondered to myself if they would allow birthday parties because what better place to celebrate than an up close and personal view of the giant planes coming and going? 
We can all recall an exciting moment where we felt our hearts flutter at the idea of taking off to a place we had never been before. Even if it was somewhere different than our own backyards, we were ready to explore whatever was in store for our expectant expectations. 
Speaking of stores! I am not sure about you, but my home is full of trinkets from anywhere and everywhere that deeply resonate with me. Frankly, I tend to buy things that just make me happy when I look at them. Whether speaking loudly or softly of sentimental value, the things we surround ourselves with should be there to remind us that we are worth a bit of comfort in this sometimes chaotic world. 
I must admit, I never thought I would shop for a living and have never been too heavy into fashion. Even now, I plan most of my outfits based on how comfortable I can be while still making a statement that is unique.
And there you have it! Let’s talk about the best of both worlds. Having your cake and eating it too, comfort and joy, fun and flirty. I shy away from any article of clothing/accessory that I am not going to be comfortable in yet lean towards a statement piece that you won’t find anywhere else. 
If you do know me, you know that I don’t mind standing out in a crowd- that is of course unless I am in a foreign country where I then try my hardest to blend in but alas, always to my disappointment, they smell the American on me from miles and miles and miles away (one day my travels will take me to Sweden where I will bask in the sweet subtleness of looking like a local!).
Put together the colorful with the simple, the dramatic flair with straight forward, and you’ve got a timeless look for the ages. Maybe Bohemian has never been quite your style. Me personally, I have always been attracted to things that make me feel wildly outside of the cookie-cutter, box-shaped shade of beige. Not that anything is wrong with beige! Or white. Or black. But my invitation to you is to try on a bit of color! You just may find you may have more of a taste for spice than you realized OR the nonconformist has a taste for you!